Building powerful teams

The process of building and sustaining a great team is deceptively straightforward and is based on several practices that aren’t considered normal business behaviour yet are the disciplines of inspiring leaders.

This course is for any team and team leader who is serious about finding ways to improve their team’s performance.  It is important to distinguish that this is not a team building exercise, it a programme to build a great team.

Course content

We offer a team development training course that includes:

  • De-bunking team and leadership myths
  • Understanding human nature
  • Developing one’s own personal leadership
  • The power of language and words
  • The art of empowering language and conversations
  • Creating true team spirit and commitment
  • Giving and receiving powerful feedback

The trainer will cover one of the themes which will include a demonstration on how to use the accompanying tool.  Each introduction will then be followed by time for the participants to play with the tool in small groups, get feedback in the moment, as well as time to discuss remaining questions and share new insights gained as the complete team.

What the team will gain:
  • A better understanding of oneself and of others
  • Become a unified force with clarity on its purpose within the organisation
  • Think, speak and act from integrity
  • Increasing trust in oneself and others
  • Speak a new language that addresses the issue, while respecting the person.
  • Enthusiasm to take on new challenges
  • Tools and knowledge to build powerful teams for the rest of their lives.
  • Personal and team recognition
What the leader will gain:
  • A fresh trusting way of being and interacting with her team
  • Personal growth as an inspiring leader
  • Appropriate language and behaviour that inspires the team to excel
  • Ability to build a team that achieves breakthrough performance
  • Personal recognition
Active learning

People learn best by doing, not by listening. The training sessions will include a variety of learning activities which include brainstorming, simulations, problem solving, group and individual presentations, video recorded interviews with feedback.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include our other management skills training – such as Managing People and Recruitment Skills  and Communicating Change

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