Our writing skills training is for staff at EU trade associations, foundations, corporate public affairs and regional offices who have to write position papers for their members as well as policy makers in the EU institutions.

What to expect in the advanced writing skills training

We analyse what makes a great piece of writing. We show you examples of good and not-so-good pieces of writing and ask you make judgements and draw conclusions. Then you then take this learning and practise on your own texts.

  • Learn 7 really easy to use techniques to make your writing clear and effective
  • Help your readers by structuring your sentences and paragraphs
  • Learn how to adapt your key messages for different audiences
  • Adapt your writing style to different formats including policy papers, reports, web writing and writing for social media

This advanced writing skills course is for staff who have to write a variety of texts under time pressure. It is designed for people who work in policy areas who have to express complex issues clearly.

For more information

If you would like us to put together a comprehensive programme for you and your staff please contact us at info@formativecoms.com