We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality management communications training programmes for our clients. We design training programmes that have pre-course tasks, learning aims, practical training activities and measurable outcomes.

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We design training programmes for staff who need to talk about their organisation, policy area or position to key stakeholders, citizens and the media. We bring together teams of journalists, social media experts, lawyers and project managers to train on larger projects.

Our approach to learning and development

Training and development is like any other business investment – you need to know what you can expect in return for the investment.

You know that your teams need enhanced skills to perform more effectively, or that some individuals show real promise but are being held back by skills that we can address. Whatever the development need we design programmes that improve performance.


We tailor all our courses to suit the precise needs of learners. Our training programmes start with a conversation with HR and senior managers. We need to find out your learning aims – whether we focus on skills development or rehearse for a particular speech or media interview or write a position paper.We ask participants to complete a pre-course questionnaire and sometimes to send examples of their work – a report, a PowerPoint deck, some correspondence.

The training programmes include needs analysis, a set of learning aims, training input materials, practice activities, learner assessment criteria and feedback evaluation reports.

Learner centred training

The principle of learner centered training is that people learn best by doing. People learn new skills and competencies when they are involved in solving problems and working out the answers with help from the trainer. We introduce ideas about effective management and communication techniques and then encourage learners to discover the rules and practise techniques and their skills.

Learners can expect to take part in lots of group activities such as brainstorming, mini-presentations, problem solving tasks. We will then develop easy-to-remember checklists on effective management and communication techniques.

Practical input and video tasks for presentation and media training

Participants will be able to see a step change improvement in their performance. The most useful task for presentations and media training is to be recorded and receive feedback from the trainer. By the end of the training participants will have delivered presentations and viewed their performance and received feedback from the trainer.

Written assignments

Writing assignments for writing / drafting courses – we set challenging writing tasks that are tailor made for participants.

Evaluation and follow upTraining, workshop, seminar

Organisations need to know the business return on development and training activities. We ask the participants for feedback (IRQs) and we also simple short summary report on their presentations, media interview or written assignments.

We often organise follow up workshops to see how well participants have been able to use the skills and practices. This may involve filming some presentations, assessing written work or conducting media interviews.

For more information

If you would like us to put together a training programme communication and management skills for you and your staff please contact us at info@formativecoms.com or call us at 00 32 473 391890.