PowerPoint for presentations are a crucial part of the package

We have all heard of death by PowerPoint and we almost got used to presenting without slides. However, PowerPoint presentations are still a crucial part of the package.

PowerPoint presentations should aid the speaker and inspire the audience. Learn how to use visuals to give a big picture quickly: graphics, pictures, bar charts, and key words.

Course content
  • Structure of a PowerPoint deck (titles, key messages, images)
  • Content – how to write engaging content for presentations
  • Key messages – how to write bullet points, describe trends, key data
  • PowerPoint feature – SmartArt, tables, diagrams, images
  • How to use slides in your presentation – coordinating with your speech

We will discuss and practise activities that can make your PowerPoint deck work better for your online presentation.

This PowerPoint training is for staff at EU trade associations, foundations, corporate public affairs and regional offices who have to animate events, seminars and meetings with their members as well as policy makers in the EU institutions.

What to expect in the training

The most useful practice task is to see what we can jointly change in your own PowerPoint presentations and then how that works online.

Format – Online and in class

In-class: We bring people together in groups at your office or training centre in line with social distancing.
Webinars and online coaching: We run webinars for groups and online follow up coaching for individuals.
Online learning: We provide learners with online reading materials, tasks and cheat sheets.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include Presentation Skills or Message Development. Our clients often ask for follow up training in Advanced Writing skills so that staff are well practised in developing both spoken and written messages.

For more details and a quote please contact us

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