Writing up notes to meetings can be frustrating and time consuming.

Some people record and write everything that has been said by each speaker. Another approach is to summarise main messages and report on decisions, conclusions and further action so that readers have a clear idea of what they need to do with the notes.

Our training on meeting notes and minutes helps learners to decide which format is useful and how to organise their note taking and minutes efficiently.

Course content

This course is for staff who have to draft and write clear minutes and notes to meetings which reflect with accuracy the conclusions, decisions and action points from different meetings.

This is about being able to express important messages that enable readers to understand the decisions from meetings, action points and future agenda.

Learning aims

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to

  • Draft and write effective and clear meeting notes
  • Format and write notes from meetings
  • Be able to structure and draft meeting agendas, minutes and notes
  • How to use the right language to express decisions, status reports, action points, outlook, vision and background
What you take away – assessed written tasks

You send us a sample of your writing and we will assess and make tracked changes comments to help you understand the areas you need to work on. You take away a version of your text with notes that will help you to adjust your writing. This is the only way to learn and no other training company provides this level of support.


This training requires a commitment from staff to attend sessions and complete writing, editing and grammar tasks. Our training format includes

  1. A review / assessment with tracked changes comments on a text your have written (a report, meeting notes, briefings, correspondence).
  2. Training sessions to review learning points and practice.
  3. Assessed writing tasks to edit review or reformat a piece.
  4. Follow up support (optional).
In-person and online

In- person: We bring people together in groups at your office.
Webinars and online coaching: We run webinars for groups and online follow up coaching for individuals.
Online learning: We provide learners with online reading materials, tasks and cheat sheets.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include our more specialised writing courses – Writing for the Web, Writing for the Media and Writing Position Papers.

Many of our clients follow this up with Presentation skills training or Chairing Meetings.

For more details and a quote please contact us

Tel: +32 (0)473 39 18 90 or at info@formativecoms.com