Customised writing skills course for the banking sector

The European Investment Bank is the EU’s bank that provides finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects which contribute to furthering EU policy objectives. The Bank’s investment and fund managers need to be able to write precise and incisive mission reports, fund updates, notes from meetings and correspondence.


Advanced Writing Skills

We organise a regular programme that includes pre-course work, group training and individual coaching.

  • Pre-course – each participant submit a pre-course questionnaire and samples of their unedited writing.
  • Group training – 2 days intensive training on principles and practice
  • Individual follow up –course work which is marked and followed up with a coaching conference call.
  • Tracked changed text and report with personal learning recommendations
  • A writing skill manual specially written for the European Investment Bank

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The writing skills training includes modules on:

  • Principles – precision, clarity, simplicity
  • Messaging
  • Techniques to enhance writing
  • Paragraph and sentence structure
  • Grammar, syntax, punctuation
  • Proofreading and editing

The materials include specific examples from participants own writing. We have developed materials that are taken from their reports, meetings and projects. The writing skills manual is specially and branded for the European Investment Bank.

90% of participants think the content is highly relevant and tailored to their context.90% of participants say that their learning objectives are fully met. They all rate the trainers as excellent.

For more information

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