Chairing meetings – Techniques to achieve your meeting aims

Chairing meetings is a crucial skill for staff in Brussels. The ability to control the events with confidence is vital to ensuring that your meetings achieve a positive outcome. It is about projecting messages with confidence whilst at the same time listening carefully.

This chairing meetings training is for staff at EU trade associations, foundations, corporate public affairs and regional offices who have to chair and manage working group meetings with their members as well as policy makers in the EU institutions.

What to expect in the training

The most useful practice task for chairing meetings training is to be recorded and receive feedback from the trainer. Staff will be made aware of their strengths and areas to work on and will have more confidence to chair and present at working group meetings.

Detailed course content for chairing meetings

We explore the strategies and techniques for chairing effective meetings

Managing and Planning

  • How to plan the strategic aims- business aims, audiences, messages
  • Developing the communication messages that you want the audience to take away
  • How to structure an intervention that is precise and clear

Communication and management skills

  • Manage the agenda timing – sticking to the programme
  • Speaking skills – how to be assertive and inclusive

Managing the stages of meetings

  • Opening – how to paint the big picture
  • Recognise the mood – and gain support for a change of discussion (hot potatoes)
  • Steer the interventions and summarise
  • Relate to the big picture and future events, meetings, work
  • Promote the added value of the organisation
    Format – In-person and online

    In-person: We bring people together in groups at your office or training centre in line with social distancing rules.
    Webinars and online coaching: We run webinars for groups and online follow up coaching for individuals.
    Online learning: We provide learners with online reading materials, tasks and cheat sheets.

    Follow up training

    We can tailor a programme to include Presentation Skills or Media Training. Our clients often ask for follow up training in Advanced Writing skills so that staff are well practised in developing both spoken and written messages.

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