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Strategic communications

Formative Communications organises communication and management skills training for clients in the public sector, companies and governments in Brussels and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We used to be called Communicating Europe+ but now are Formative Communications.

A formative experience changes and forms you. We give feedback and coaching on your performance and writing – this is formative assessment. Formation means training in French.

We have offices in Brussels and London and provide training programmes for professionals who need to talk about their organisation, policy area or sector to important audiences. Our trainers have considerable experience of management, strategic communications and the media.

Our Brussels based clients include Ingersoll Rand, CEN CENELEC (European Standards Organisation), GPlus Europe, BEUC (Consumers’ Association) and CEFIC.

Management communication skills courses

The range of courses includes:








Customised training programmes

We design training programmes for staff who need to talk about their organisation, policy area or position to key stakeholders, citizens and the media. We bring together teams of journalists, social media experts, lawyers and project managers to train on larger projects.

Our approach to learning and development

Training and development like any other business investment – you need to know what you can expect in return for the investment. You know that your teams need enhanced skills to perform more effectively, or that some individuals show real promise but are being held back by skills that we can address. Whatever the development need we design programmes that improve performance.

 Evaluation and follow up

Organisations need to know the business return on development and training activities. We ask the participants for feedback (IRQs) and we also simple short summary report on their presentations, media interview or written assignments. We often organise follow up workshops to see how well participants have been able to use the skills and practices.

Trainers and consultants

We bring together teams of experienced communicators,  journalists, public relations consultants and project managers to train and consult. We have built a network of management communication specialists that we know and trust can deliver value  added training and consulting.

The training programmes we offer include: