Recruitment Interviews – how to plan and conduct effective recruitment interviews

Have you ever dealt with someone and wondered, ‘How on earth did he get that job?’

Have you ever asked the “your greatest strengths” question and received a pre-packaged response that reveals nothing?

Recruitment interviews are a key management skill and few managers have had training in how to plan and conduct effective interviews. If we ask the wrong questions we get answers that reveal nothing about the capabilities and motivation of the candidates. Learn how to prepare for and run recruitment interviews that help you select the right candidates. Find out how to make a good selection.

Course content

This recruitment interviews training includes input on the behavioural competencies, types of questions and interpersonal skills you need to conduct interviews that work.

  • Recruitment interviews – good and bad practicePresentation Skills Open Course Thursday 20 November
  • Behavioural competencies and the link to recruiting the right skill sets
  • Types of questions that recruiters use (Open, drilling, probing) – what questions reveal
  • Selection – how to assess the skills of candidates
  • Interpersonal skills – you welcome, body language
  • Interviews do’s and don’ts – how to conduct recruitment interviews
What happens in the recruitment interviews training

This training gives you the chance to plan interview questions and practice a simulated recruitment interview. You will then get feedback on your questions and coaching on the interpersonal skills.


This recruitment interviews training requires a commitment from staff to attend face-to-face sessions and complete the pre-course reading and quiz. Our training format includes

  1. Pre-course reading and quiz tasks
  2. Face-to-face training sessions to review learning points and practice.
  3. Assessment of your questions and interview performance.
  4. Follow up support (optional) – via email, Skype or FaceTime

This programme includes 1-day or half-day sessions for organisations and individuals. We suggest a maximum group size of 10 people and we ask people to commit to some homework.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include our other management skills training – such as Managing People and Leading Teams and Communicating Change

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