Managing People and Teams

Welcome to the e-resources for management skills

Managing people is for middle and senior managers who have to delegate tasks and give feedback that encourages staff to develop their skills and motivates teams.

 There are as many approaches to leadership as there are leaders. There are also many general styles, including servant and transactional leadership. Building awareness of frameworks and styles can help you to develop your approach and to be a more effective leader.

This training course will take you through different sections. In turn, we deal with leadership styles, how to delegate tasks, and how to give feedback will be highlighted. Overall, this management course gives an overview of the skills that managers require to effectively run their teams.

We all have personalities and while we can and often do modify our behaviour we are not able to change our personality (by very much). Our personality tends to define us. It is worth referring to the DISC model which shows how people fall into categories depending on personality traits.

We also provide a framework that you can use to delegate tasks and projects to your staff. You will also learn how to structure feedback whether during a performance management review or on a regular basis. We believe that delegation and feedback should encourage staff to develop their skills and confidence. This is the heart of managing people and teams effectively.

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