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Media interviews are specialised skills that we can develop over time so that we are able to represent our organisation in public. Almost any policy officer, manager and Director General can be a spokesperson in our policy led organisations. How can we meet the needs of an increasingly complex media world? News is on 24 hours – broadcast, in print, online and on social media. But the heart of a good media story is the same as it always has been. It is about the unexpected, the glamorous, the controversial.

It’s not about the everyday – and we need to meet that challenge in our media interviews online and in person. The problem for the policy world is that the EU regulatory landscape moves slowly. Following the passage of EU regulations and law making is like watching bread rise in an oven.

However, news has to instantly turn what interests us into a story with a headline, a human story and eye-catching data. This means that, journalists ask the very basic questions – what, when, who, why and how. News is about controversy, conflict and change.

So, the aim of this media interviews training is to provide participants with the knowledge and practice of successful media interviews. It is natural to fear media interviews. We cannot afford to make mistakes, talk out of turn or even make the wrong facial gestures in front of the cameras.

In addition, you can learn about the nature of the news, how to prepare your facts and techniques designed for interviews.

If you are not currently studying with us – get in touch. We would love to train you and your colleagues in-person or online. If you wish to organise a media training course in-person or online for a group of staff please contact us on

Part 1: The Nature of the News

Part 2: Facts and Stories

Part 3: Media Interview Tips and Techniques

PowerPoint – Media Interviews