Effective Presentation Skills

Welcome to the e-resources for effective presentation skills

Effective presentation skills are a vital asset for staff, managers and policy officers. They need to be confident presenters as part of their management or their policy role.

Some people are natural presenters others need to learn and practise techniques. Our training helps you to use your voice, plan your messages and write your PowerPoint slides

There are numerous occasions when we need to be calm, confident and clear in our presentations to audiences. As presenters we need to be able to grab the attention of our audiences right from the start. Effective presentation skills depend on identifying a handful of clear and memorable messages. In short, the key to a great presentation is the preparation, structure and planning.

Be a communicator

Moreover, a key theme of our training is the need to operate as a communicator rather than a presenter. This means you need to respond to the needs of your listeners who are on the receiving end. Really good presentation skills are all about the audience not about you.

Do you believe that presentation skills are a vital competence for staff? We do and we work with many international companies such as https://www.radissonhotelgroup.com/.  Formative Communications worked with the ‘Radisson Academy’ since 2013. We wrote and delivered a business presentations training for their hotel and revenue managers who have to present financial forecasts and strategy. In addition, we provide learning resources on our on-line learning platform for staff to use before and after their face-to-face training.

These online resources will guide you in the structure of your presentations. This course is made for staff who want to feel comfortable and prepared when they have to speak at events, conferences or meetings. If you are not currently studying with us – get in touch, we would love to train you and your colleagues in-person or online. If you wish to organise an effective presentation skills course in-person or online for a group of staff please contact us on info@formativecoms.com

Part 1: Preparation

Part 2: Delivery

Part 3: Visual Aids