How do we get our policy briefings read by very busy people? We have an answer to the big challenge in the policy world.

You need a structure for policy briefing memos and a method for writing them. The format and length of any policy paper varies but they should all include:

  1. The “too long didn’t read (TLDR)” big hitting message in one sentence
  2. The mission statement of the paper – what to expect
  3. The background – narrative that takes us by the hand and bridges to the policy choice
  4. The options – in terms of pros/cons
  5. What is your ask? What do readers need to appreciate, know or do?
  6. Follow up – what do you want and what’s the action?

Then you need the skill to be able to write clear and precise sentences. Choose wording that fits the readership. Condense a text by eliminating the repetitions, wordy phrases, unnecessary adverbs and more.

Formative Communications training

This is what we will show you how to do and we practise with your own texts from your sector. We tailor the training for groups and individuals, for online and in-person.

We work with policy staff from numerous EU trade associations, institutions, agencies and corporate public affairs offices.

How we all communicate to each other, across teams, to our partners and to the outside world is ever more critical. Give your staff the tools they need for this new and increasingly complex world.

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We are based in Brussels and would be pleased to arrange a call to discuss the options that may suit you.