Communication skills: a time to train

This is a truly exciting time to train staff to communicate and work together. We are facing up to new hybrid working which will challenge the status quo and the way we communicate with each other. Hopefully, we can all start going back to our offices part of the time. But, what are we going back to? And more importantly, what is the #futureofwork?

How we communicate to each other, across teams and to the outside world is ever more critical. Give your staff the tools they need for this new and increasingly complex world.

At Formative Communications we custom design training formats that work for you – whether in-person, online with group webinars (virtual classroom) and with our digital resources. When you meet with staff to plan their professional learning development for this year, consider communications and management skills.

Our management communications offer includes:

  • Managing people and virtual teams
  • Communicating and managing change
  • Clear writing skills – principles of drafting
  • Writing reports, position papers, memos
  • Presentation skills / public speaking
  • Media training and message development

You can find more about communications courses, training approach and trainers at

So, finally, If you want to know more, follow us on LinkedIn, download our free e-resources and contact us for a quote.

2022 is the year to invest in training and development for yourself and your teams. And hey – we might even enjoy this new challenge.